We started out first day in India by visiting the largest mosque in India, Jama Mashid, built by the Mughal emporer Shah Jahan in 1656.  The Mughals were foreign Muslims who took power in India in the early 1500’s, and and much to advance Islam in India.

The men with shorts and the women had to cover up a bit to get inside the mosque.  Also, no shoes allowed,


Enjoying the view from the top of one of the minarets.


Mrs Van Drunen and Anne


Bret and Jeff


Next we walked around Chandni Chowk, which is the old market area of old Delhi. It is filled with many small alleys with many small shops.

Anjun explaining Samosas to Jeff, Seth, Brett, John and Grant.


Kari, Anne, Jeff and Seth.Image

Then we jumped into some rickshaws to ride over to Gandhi’s cremation place.

John and Kari


Grant and Anne


Jeff and Stephanie.  Good thing Jeff’s rickshaw did not have a canopy!


We arrived safely at Gandhi’s cremation memorial, Raj Gaht.  Gandhi was a great leader who peacefully helped India become independent from England in the 1940’s, so he is obviously revered in India.  Many school kids come to this memorial on their big class trips to Delhi.  Many of them wanted to take photos and talk to the foreign tourist… that would be us.

Jeff with some new friends.  He is a real standout in India.


Kari with some new friends.


Grant, Anne, Mrs Van Drunen, Stephanie, Bret and Seth with many new friends.


Humayun was another Mughal emporer and his wife built this tomb when he died.  Eventually over 100 extended royal family members where buried here.


The Qutb Minar was built in 1192 by the Ottomans who invaded India, although they did not stay very long (in contrast to the later Muslim conquerors, the Mughals).  The Ottomans tore down a Hindu temple and built a mosque in that site, along with this big tower to celebrate the victory (or to spite the locals).  The Hindu/Muslim relation did not get off to a great start in India!

Kari a midst some ruins with the tower in the back ground.


The site contains an iron column which is at least 1000 years old. Here is a shot of the iron column with the Qutb Minar in background.


Finally, we stopped at a Chhatarpur Temple for a short visit.  This is a new hindu temple, with many active worshipers.  It is very large and filled with idols and offerings to various gods.  Hard for a mono-theistic Christian to understand.

The group in front of the temple.


After this we headed back to our hotel for dinner and time to reflect on everything we had seen.