Today we had a good flight to Hyderabad on IndiGo air.   Hyderabad is toward the south of India and is the capital of the province of Andhra Pradesh.  Almost 7 million people live in Hyderabad.  Several cities in southern India are quite prosperous and Hyderabad is one of them, along with Bangalore, Pune, and Chennai.  Hyderabad is also were Business Seva is headquartered.  Business Seva is the group of Christian business persons we will be interacting with over the next few weeks.  Business Seva is affiliated with Partners Worldwide.

After we settled into our hotel for the next two weeks we found some dinner at a restaurant called Tabla.  The walk there involved crossing a very busy street with no signal and involved getting stuck in the elevator for about 5 minutes.  So it was very nice to arrive at Tabla and be ushered into a nice private room with a view of the neighborhood.  The Hyderabadi style food was delicious and reasonably priced. We had some nice conversation.  I think the students are ready for they internships!  Tomorrow, Sunday, we will worship in the morning and have a big dinner with some Business Seva members in the evening.

Stephanie, Kari and Anna in the Delhi airport.DSC07972

Here we are stuck in the elevator. We eventually manually pried the door open.


Kari, Stephanie, John and Grant enjoying their delicious dinner at Tabla.DSC07977