We worshiped this morning at Whitefield’s C3 Church.  It is a church plant in the HiTech City part of Hyderabad.  Most of the members are young professionals.  It was a good opportunity to see one aspect of Christianity in India.  The number of Christians in India is hard to estimate but most estimates average about 70 million, which is a lot of Christians but still a small percent of the overall population. Hinduism is the big religion in India, followed by Islam.   However Christianity in India is growing as the traditional village life and its social structures are changing. As more people move to the cities for employment they are freed up to chose Christianity.  Of course its a bit more complicated and nuanced than that, and the main reason is the work of the Holy Spirit.  If you want to read more you should check out this Christianity Today article entitled India’s Grassroots Revival.

After church we found some lunch at a local mall and explored our hotel neighborhood. In the evening we had a big dinner with some of our internship managers and some other Business Seva members.  Several Business Seva members shared their testimonies of how God has worked in their lives and businesses for His glory.  One story was told by a youngish women who is running a restaurant with her husband.  We plan to eat there Tuesday evening.  Another story was told by a surgeon who has also started a clinical outsourcing company and small hospital with some partners as a way to help poor and desperate people gain access to drugs that are still in experimental stages.  Two of our students will intern at that company.

Stephanie, Seth, Bret and Anne with Pastor Gutta at C3 Church.DSC07991

Grant is so far the champion at engaging with people in India.  Here he is holding five guys in rapt attention.


Stephanie with two fellow worshipers.DSC07986

Bret, John, Grant and Stephanie learning from a fellow Christian.DSC07983