The students have completed the first week of their two week internships, and you have been able to read a b it about that on this blog.  We have also been busy with many other India learning opportunities in Hyderabad.  Below I post some photos from the past few days, with some explanations.

Anne has gained the confidence of the owner of the dance and fitness studio where she is interning.  The owner invited her to teach a Zumba class. Below you can see Anne in the  blue Calvin shirt.DSC08076

We were invited and treated by the owners to eat at Dil Punjabi, and upscale restaurant in an upscale mall.  The were very gracious to spend a big part of the Sankrati India holiday with us on Tuesday.  at dinner we had a talk from another Christian business person, who talked about making career choices.


We visited the big residential development, Lanco Hills on Tuesday, and were hosted by one of the senior managers, who is a Christian.  Here we are on the helicopter pad roof of the tallest building, 34 floors.DSC08066

Grant with one of our hosts.


One the way up to the helicoptor pad we had to pass through a dark hallway.  The students all whipped out their cell phones and we snapped this pic.DSC08062

At Secunderabad Club where we flew kites and enjoyed good food., thanks again to some Christians who spend part of their holiday with us.DSC08060

Our gracious hosts and club members (on the right)


Amit serving Bret, Jeff and Kari some biryani, the local rice dish.DSC08050

We had fun practicing cricket at St John’s Cricket Club.

Here the club director, John, is teaching us the basics.



John’s brother Leonard, with Leonard.



Grant bowling


John being taught how to hold the ball by a young man.DSC08047

Bret batting


Most of the cricketeers with our hostsDSC08048

Saturday the guys went hiking out in some rural areas while the women shopped.  Bret was suffering from food poisoning and rested in his room.

The guys with goats


Seth and Grant on top of some rock we climbed.


We ran into a monkey colony, and the alpha male did not back down, so we did.


Saturday evening we ate at Paradise Restaurant.  We took autorickshaws quite a ways for that.  Below we see Bret enjoying the ride.


All together for dinner in Paradise.