Thank you to those who are praying for us and our safety.  A few of us have been sick the last few days, so please pray for good health!

Other than the illness, things are going great! We have had a week at our internships and have been learning quite a bit.  At my internship (Dinaz Fitness Center) I have been given many ideas and a lot of great advice as a hopeful small business owner.  The other internships are kept busy with a lot of different projects.

I don’t know about all the others on the trip, but I am quite skeptical about a few elevators here.  It was mentioned before about how all 10 of us, plus the elevator attendant got stuck in an elevator on our first night in Hyderabad.  Since then we have had a couple other times where the elevators don’t work.  This morning, I got into one elevator at our hotel and it didn’t move.  But I pulled open the doors and got into the other elevator. Two other students also got stuck in our hotel elevators earlier last week.  So I think it is safe to say, we don’t have the best luck with the elevators here.

On Saturday while the guys went hiking, the women went shopping with our friend Archana Brian.  She showed us a great shop with souvenir type gifts and also a small store with a lot of clothes for every day wear.  Then we went to lunch at a Chinese food restaurant and they had great food! We really enjoyed it and wanted to keep eating it, but we were too full.  After lunch we stopped by a Sari shop.  At this shop we saw so many beautiful patterns, with a wide range of prices.  There were some that were around 1,000 rupees and some that were more than 10,000 rupees (1,000 rupees is about $16 American).  Kari and I found some that were very nice yet not too expensive.

Most saris don’t come with a shirt to wear underneath it, so today we went to a seamstress and got measured to get some made for us. We are very excited to see how they will turn out all put together!

Since being in Hyderabad, we have had a wonderful driver named Sanjay.  He has been very nice to all of us, giving us information about what to do while we are here, and he invited all the students to his house for dinner tonight.  They had a great time with Sanjay and his family, they even sang a few worship songs!  I stayed back to do some work for my internship.

Mrs. Van Drunen and Archana Brian

The students and Sanjay’s family

Thanks for reading!