It has been another busy action filled week. Just a quick blog to give you a glimpse at some things today.

Anne is doing a dance and fitness internship at two studios.  Here she is with one of the classes she taught… she taught both Zumba and HipHop, and learned some Bollywood.  She also learned a lot about customers, staffing, finances and space from both studio owners.


This evening we had a nice dinner at Chiraan Fort and the women wore their new Indian saris and kurthis.  Below we see Kari, Anne, Stephanie, Janet, Archana and Karen.


Biryani is a famous and delicious local rice dish.  Hyderabad is a cosmopolitan metropolitan area, but still biryani is normally eaten with fingers.  Here Stephanie is demonstrating her newly acquired technique.




Another fashion shot of three Calvin students and one future Calvin student.


Our hotel is a popular wedding venue, and Indian weddings are pretty much over the top in mostly every way (size, siights, sounds, rupees…).  It reminds us that India is a land of stark extremes; very rich and very poor, beautiful scenery and ugly scenery, lovely smells and horrible smells, amazing efficiency and gross inefficiency… you name it.   When we got back to the hotel a large wedding was in full swing in the big outdoor wedding venue.  Perhaps 500 or more guests.  Some  of the group went to check it out and were promptly invited up on the stage with the wedding couple for a photo shoot.  We would call this wedding crashing in the US!  I guess here it is just the more the merrier!  Below you can see them up on stage after the photos chatting with the groom as part of the audience looks one wondering if these foreigners are friends of the bride or of the groom.  I’m guessing the bride and groom were thinking the same thing!