Hello all,

We’ve had a really interesting two weeks here in Hyderabad, and tonight we are wrapping up here. Some things have been good, some haven’t been so good, but overall it’s been a fun and interesting experience of learning. Tonight we had dinner with our main point of contact in Hyderabad, Michael Brian, and a few others to say goodbye and thank you for all the help they gave in making this trip a possibility. We dined at a social club of our host and his family, which was located in a former Nizam family palace. Very cool.


All of us here can agree that the culture change coming from the United States to India is great, and today at dinner we spoke about our first thoughts when arriving in India and how those have changed after spending over two weeks here. Some came in with open minds and others had previous thoughts about India through their own research of from others. When I first thought about taking this class, I told my father and his response to me, after having already traveled to India before, was something along the lines of me being a lunatic. So yeah, I had that going for me. But after the first few days of absolute chaos of the traffic and immense amounts of visible poverty, I realized that the people of India are all nice, their business ambitions are great, and the collaboration of Business Seva makes me think that despite the political, religious, economic, and physical obstacles that the country is currently and will continue to face for decades to come, I think that India has a very bright future ahead.