We went to St Andrews church this morning to worship only to find that the service was is Hindi.  So we decide to worship at our hotel in the evening instead.  This evening the women led us in some praise songs and we had a prayer time where we took turns praying for many things including our internship companies, our Christian friends in Hyderabad, for the people in poverty in India, for the upcoming elections in India and for our health and safety.

During the day the guys took a big hike up to Nahargahr Fort, an old fort and palace on a ridge in Jaipur, while the women went to the bazaars.  Later this afternoon we relaxed in hotel courtyard over a late lunch in the beautiful and warm sunshine.  We have been blessed in India with pretty much perfect weather.  About 70 or 80 degrees with full sunshine during the day and cooler evenings.  No rain.  Today was lovely sitting in the sun in the peaceful hotel garden enjoying pleasant conversation.

Here we are enjoying Sunday afternoon sunshine, food and fellowship.


Group pic in the hotel lounge, which is a grand old room in this 100 yea old building.  Our singing sound good, hopefully it was also pleasing to God.


Some kids on the way up to the fort and palace.  There are a lot of kids in India.


A lot of kid goats too.  Here an adult goat is eating a paper kite which it found laying around.  Four goats followed us most of the way up the ridge.


When we got to the top we found a large group of motorcyclist who were out for a club ride since today is Republic Day in India (think 4th of July).  All the bikers were riding Royal Enfield motorcycles, which are like the Harley Davidson of India. They were a very friendly bunch.  Below Seth, Bret and Jeff pose with two of them.


They did a group photo with us. I could not fit them all in my camera frame.  There were about 75 of them all with matching white shirts.  John is not the picture because he was too busy checking out the motorbikes.


Some of the bikes and bikers.


My favorite, a retro Indian army bike.